The morning ritual that has made my days better!

Let’s start this off with context, I am a serial alarm ‘snoozer’. My poor partner suffers through me hitting ‘snooze’ some days up to 10 times! Sorry babe. I have the best of intentions and set my alarm ‘a bit earlier’ than I need to the night before thinking I might actually do my hair nice for work or eat breakfast at home rather than in the car on the motorway. The good intention is there but when it comes time to actually wake up in the morning and I quickly decide a messy bun and yogurt in the car is totally fine if it means an extra 10 minutes in bed. I know I probably haven’t hooked you to keep reading about implementing a gratitude practice by admitting I am notoriously lazy in the morning but just hear me out…

If I can implement these things and its worth it for me to get up an extra 5 minutes early, then trust me its GOOD!

Gratitude Joural Morning Routine

Gratitude Journal - do you have one? Good news, you can just use a notebook (I recommend one that is beautiful and that you LOVE, same goes for the pen you use. We want this ritual to be enjoyable and for you to really enjoy it).

Practicing gratitude in the mornings and taking a few minutes to write it down can be as simple as listing ‘3 Things I am grateful for…’ Other days it may be a couple of pages of free writing in your journal. Either way its a beautiful way to spend the first few minutes of your morning. Rather than scrolling through Instagram mindlessly for 15 minutes you are spending those three minutes tuning in with yourself and aligning your thoughts for the day. The first thing you are thinking about is all the GOOD things in your life and the act of writing them down just seems to amplify the feeling of gratitude.

But what is writing down a few good things in the morning going to do?! Well, let’s look at the research behind it and use some big words. Studies have shown that keeping a gratitude journal leads to better sleep, reductions of physical pain, a greater sense of well being and a greater ability to handle change. (win, win, win, win) The feeling of gratitude stimulates the Hypothalamus which is the part of the brain that affects sleep, eating and stress. So it’s kind of important, right? It is also linked to the part of the brain that is associated with the neurotransmitter Dopamine, which is linked to motivation, new learning pathways and focus.

So this simple ritual of practicing gratitude daily puts the control back in your hands. We all know that when you focus on good you will see more good and this practice is teaching your brain to look for the good things not only when you are writing them down but for the rest of your day too. Pretty cool, right?

‘It’s the repetition of affirmation that leads to belief.

And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen’

-Mohammad Ali

Make the commitment to yourself to implement this daily ritual and you will be rewarded 10 fold.

Big Love,

The Secret Gypsy