Overcoming Self Doubt - I'm still a work in progress...

About two months ago I started to feel very stagnant in my career but at the same time restless. I knew something was about to change, I had a feeling it would be big but had absolutely idea what it would be. I had no direction of which way I wanted to go next professionally aside from having a burning desire to learn more, grow and level up! 

New Years Day I set a goal to start a business this year. I said it out loud for the first time and it terrified me to say it. Who was I to think I had anything to offer, what skills did I have, where would I start, would anyone even care, there are so many businesses why would mine succeed? I didn’t even know what I wanted to start a business in, how was I going to make it happen in just 1 year without a hint of an idea?!? But nevertheless I kept saying to myself that this year was the year of the business, and I trusted that the universe would handle the rest. 

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In the meantime I focused on learning, I listened to podcasts, read articles, asked people for advice and it excited me. I love talking business! I am still in this learning phase and will continually learn and grow, but you’ll never guess what happened, out of nowhere on the phone to my Mum I had the light-bulb moment!! My idea, after all this time of waiting for the spark. I had this flood of inspiration, ideas and ways that I wanted to help people. Instant inspiration and an undeniable knowing I was on the right track.

And then came the self doubt again. The stories and limiting beliefs that have repeated in my mind for so long now I believed them. I’m not qualified, I haven’t studied, it’s so far from my 9-5, it’s not funny, how could I possibly help anyone? And thennnnn I remembered I’ve lived life, suffered hard times, loss, anxiety, depression, grieved and overcome it all, I’ve built a life I am proud of. Surely there is something to offer from that.

In my hardest times I have lent on my spirituality to guide me and restore faith that better times were ahead. I’ve learned about the moon, crystals, had psychic readings, practiced yoga, meditation, read books, listened to podcasts, the lot. But I’ve only scratched the surface!!!! When your struggling it may be too much effort to keep digging for the information you need, or you may not be able to find the thing that works for you and give up. So here I am, putting myself out there and sharing my story. I’m practicing what I preach here, in order to grow I have to put my fears aside, know my worth and trust my intuition. I’m just showing up as my most authentic self with the hope it may help you!

My ultimate mission - to help young women. Overcome hard times, anxiety, self doubt, have confidence in themselves and their ability to achieve their biggest dreams. 

I have so much more that I want to share and I hope you’ll be here for it all. Sign up to my email list so we can keep in touch, I promise it will be worth it!

Big Love,

The Secret Gypsy