How to use New Moon energy to make your dream life your real life...

A New Moon, as the name hints, is the first phase of the lunar cycle. The Moon orbits Earth in a 28 day cycle and when the Moon is aligned with the Earth and the Sun (New Moon) we actually don’t see anything, from Earth we can’t see the Moon because the Sun is lighting it up on the other side. See my scribble below to hopefully make more sense…

Moon Cycle Diagram.JPG

Creating time for yourself and ritual on a New Moon is a powerful way to connect our hearts and the universe on a regular basis. The New Moon represents the start of the lunar cycle and marks a great time for you to align with a new phase in your own life and call in all the things you want in life. You may be familiar with a Full Moon being a time to banish things that no longer serve you, the New Moon is the opposite and is time to setting new intentions.

Taking time for yourself anytime in the few days around the New Moon is a beautiful ritual of self love. Life gets busy, we have to cook dinner, watch the Ru Paul’s Drag Race season finale, I get it don’t worry, BUSY! But if you want to start taking control of your life and make a change for the better, the energy of a New Moon us potent and transformational. It’s going to help you when setting goals, the New Moon is a clean slate and offers an energizing and exciting energy.

Personally the New Moon is a prompt to slow down, even if just for an hour, from my day to day life and re-evaluate if what I am so busy doing is serving me well and moving me towards my ultimate goals.

My New Moon ritual is simple, gentle and sacred. I take time to cleanse my energy (palo santo or sage are my preferred) cleanse the space I am in. I light a candle, choose a crystal that I feel suits the intention I want to set, grab my journal and a nice pen and get comfortable. As a side: make sure you have a beautiful journal and pen, something that you really love and feels luxurious writing in. Mine is a $4 notebook from Kmart but I just love it!. It makes me want to write in it more often. Now that you are comfy and set up you may want to sit in silence or meditate, it helps me to clear my mind from the load of washing I know I need to do later and instead tap into my ultimate desires in life. You can do a guided meditation if you are new to meditation or find it easier. There are plenty online that are easy to find and effective. Visualize your dream life, your happy place, the thing/s that warms your soul. Then write it down, all of it please! Don’t hold back, these are you ultimate dreams, let them live.

My next step is to write a clear list of 5 things that I want to bring into my life, guided from my mediation and things that I already may have known I wanted. Keep it to 5 or so, we want to be clear and intentional with what we are asking for. Write your list starting with

  1. I am..

  2. I will…

The reason being you should be writing them as if you already had them! You are already in your dream job, your kitchen looks just like those Pinterest boards, your soulmate just asked you to marry him. Really paint a clear picture here and possibly the most important step, you HAVE to believe you are going to get it. You have to believe you are worthy, and of course you are!

“Feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled” - Wayne Dyer

Now that you have tapped into what you really want, you can look at your list again and determine what action steps you are going to take to make these happen. The universe will help you but you can’t sit idle waiting. You might want to write under each item on your list a little plan or steps you can take today, tomorrow and next week to get you closer. Keep the list somewhere safe, it’s always fun to look back at the next New Moon and see what you have achieved and thank the Universe for what it has provided you with.

New Moon in Gemini is Monday 3rd June, let me know if you try any of the above. I’d love to hear from you!

Big Love,

The Secret Gypsy