Celebrate the little wins!

If we try and solve everything all at once really we will end up solving nothing.

I can very easily make excuses for myself when there is just too much in front of me. It’s easier to procrastinate over s huge job rather than just getting stuck into a little job. I want to loose 30kg fuck that’s going to take ages it wont make much difference if I eat this donut now then. 

I need to save $100,000 dollars for a deposit for a basic home in Sydney, it doesn't matter if I buy these shoes now then. I’m nowhere near my goal anyway. In fact I haven’t even made any steps to get closer. So I just continue in this loop of saying I am going to do something to make a change and then in reality doing the same old shit getting the same old results. 

I can give myself that hard talking to before I go to bed ‘girl you are getting up earlier in the morning and taking the dogs for a walk before work’ but when the morning rolls around and its cold i have a million excuses and hit snooze without an ounce of guilt. 

The guilt comes later. 

But when I start making little changes, put $50 into my savings account, eat healthier, go to a Pilates class, push myself through social anxiety and go to an even on my own I can easily forget by the end of the week all that I have done that is good. 

So my new philosophy is to celebrate the little wins! Because those little wins will turn into big wins if I have enough of them. Those $50 deposits will soon amount to hundreds and eventually thousands of dollars if I am consistent. Every time I make a healthier food choice I am doing my body a bit of good and that is going to add up over time. I am going to feel better. I might even lose some weight in the process. But I am loving my body and myself and treating it the way it deserves. 

I did some things this week and I am proud of them. Little, yes. But indeed it is a change in the right direction. 

I preach all the time, what you focus on grows. So I am going to give myself a pat on the back for those little achievements this week and work on making those little achievements grow into bigger ones. I'm going to take each day as it comes. Be easy on myself but also take responsibility for myself and hold myself accountable when I set an intention. If I say I am going to eat better, then each meal I am going to make a conscious choice to pick the healthier option. 

I am going to honour myself with some down time to turn off my brain and celebrate how bloody hard it has to work sometimes. At work, when I am trying to sort through the million ideas I have for my business, working out what's for dinner and making sure I turned off the bloody hair straightener this morning. I am going to celebrate that, cause I do it week in week out and I’m proud of the little juggling act I manage. (there really is a lot going on up there guys, it’s exhausting)  

I am going to celebrate that today rather than eating a croissant or a donut I had apple slices and peanut butter. I am going to celebrate that because I actually felt more energy this afternoon than if I had my 3rd cup of coffee for the day. 

Have a think about what little things you have done today, this week, this month that have either pushed you out of your comfort zone or moved you closer to your ultimate goals. Tomorrow take more notice and celebrate any little wins. You might write them down, or just take a moment to reflect on them but please give yourself a little pat on the back or metaphorical gold star on  your chart or maybe even a real star on a real chart. Whatever floats your boat! Do something that helps you to track your little wins and you will be surprised how that can motivate you to keep on that path and will give you more little wins. 

Big Love,

The Secret Gypsy